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24 February 2007 @ 08:56 pm
Graham listed these details:

* You took Computer Lab Destruction 101 in spring 2005.
* You worked at NAMBLA from 2002 to 2005.

Can you confirm these details are true?
01 February 2007 @ 07:50 pm
So now Its day 3, I didn't do one yesterday because, well, I was lazy. So here goes: ill extent this another day for me being lazy


Back Cover Link
Year of Release: 1996
System played on:IBM PC/DOS
Ported to: game.com, Mac, PC (MS-DOS), Sega Mega Drive (Brazil only), Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation
When did I get it:1998ish
Age:11 or 12.
Clip of Gameplay (Saturn video)
Mobygames Link
Wikipedia link
This game was so badass, I had a lot of fun with this game. It was really violent and explicit, especially for something from 1996. There were strippers in it, and lots of blood and violence for its time. I remember modding the game to make the RPG as strong as an atom bomb. Man that was fun. :DDDDDDDD


Not released in a box

System:Windows 9x
Early versions of Air Warrior I ran on Amiga. and Atari ST.

Year of Release: Air Warrior I: 1987, revamped in the early 1990s.
                               Air Warrior II: 1996.
                               Air Warrior III: 1997
Year I got this at: 1997ish
Age I played this at: 9-14

Both shots of Air Warrior 1, there isnt much info left on this game anymore.

This is one of the early MMO's, note MMO, not MMORPG. It was Online combat flight simulator with World War II aircraft. It was the precursor to games like Warbirds, and Aces High. I played it through AOL's gaming service, until they demaned the $0.99/hr fee, then I convinced my parents to join Gamestorm which offered access to other online games for $9 a month, including Air Warrior. This game was really fun, I was one of the youngest players. Most players ranged from 15-45 XD.
This game sparked my interest in the Second World War, at one point I knew all of the major aircraft from WWII including their armaments.

Bionic Commando (American Title)
TOP SECRET: Hitler's Revival (Japanese Title)

Year of Release: 1988
System: NES (exclusive)
Age I first played this: VERY YOUNG, under 4 perhaps,
Footage of gameplay(Speedrun of Japanese VersioN)
MobyGames Link
Wikipedia Link

This game was great. As the title says, you play a commando, who is enhanced with a bionic arm. The arm latches on to things, and you swing around on it like your spiderman. There is no "Jumping" feature in this game, you must swing around with your arm in place of jumping. Nintendo of America had a strong censorship policy at the time and changed the plot alot. The japanese story is this: A neo-nazi organization is trying to resurrect hitler, and is building a superweapon to threaten the world. A commando named joe is sent to survey the situation, joe becomes captured. It is your mission to free Joe and destroy the superweapon. Some really cool stuff in this game.
30 January 2007 @ 06:33 pm
Today I am starting something which I will be doing daily throughout the week. I am going to write about the games I played as child. I consider a child anyone under 13 in case you are curious. If possible I will use youtube links showing videos of the game instead of still screenshots, if I cant I will post screenshots. If you're interested in playing one of these you'll need help getting it to work on a Modern PC, If you dont know how to do that, just IM me.So lets get started:


Back Cover link
Year of Release:1990
System: IBM-PC/DOS
Also ported to: Amiga, Amiga CD32, SNES, Sega CD, Fujitsu FM TOWNS
When did I get it:1993ish
Age:Young, probably 6 or 7.
Clip of Gameplay(Note this more footage of cutscnes than gameplay)
Mobygames Link
Storyline info at Wikpedia
This was my first ever "Computer Game", I got it for christmas when I was a little kid, it came on a CDROM, (we were high tech at our house, we a CDROM drive, very uncommon back then). It came with Ultima VI as well, which I will talk about later.
I don't know what made my parents choose this game, all I can say is that they made a good choice.
I really didnt "Understand" the game at the time, since I was so young. More often than not I killed my own wingmen and blew up friendly ships for amusement. This game was odd in the fact that if you died, or other main characters, you watched their/your character's funeral. I really liked blowing things up in this game, I wasnt too good at this game when I first got it, (I was like 6 how can you blame me) but I got interested it again some several years ago and really liked it. This game means a lot to me, I love the setting, the seemingly endless war with your enemy the kilrathi, it was just great. However I appreciated the sequel even more so than the first title.

Interesting Facts:
Amiga users really got screwed over on the port from IBM PC to Amiga,The colour palette was terrible, it only had 32 colours, as opposed to the 256 on the IBM PC. This is unusual because the Commodore Amiga, was THE GAMING COMPUTER, in 1990. This game helped get the IBM PC get a lead in the Gaming market.
I also heard the SEGA CD version has Full Voice acting, I havent been able to find a place to download the game though.
The SNES version sucked, the colours were terrible and the gameplay felt restricted, I played it a friends house as a kid. Looking back at it, it was probably because of the Limitations of the SNES.
This game also had the COOLEST MANUAL EVER. It was called Claw Marks, as the ship you lived on was the "Tiger's Claw"

WING COMMANDER II Vengence of the Kilrathi

Back Cover Link
Year of release: 1991
Ported to:Only avaible for IBM PC. There was a completed SNES port, but it was never released, and no one has found a ROM Image of it either.
When did I get it:1995ish
Age: Still pretty young, age
This is only a clip of the intro cutscene, but he game play is just about the same as the first.
MobyGames Link
Wikipedia Link

This game was just awesome, it was fantastic, the story line is right up my alley. Its a very dark story line, Basically  you are  labeled as a traitor under false accusations and no-one trusts you. The storyline deals with dark themes like, betrayal, trust issues, second chances, politics of war, etc.
Even at the young age I was at the time, i was sucked in by this game, I couldnt wait to see what would happen next. I would spend all the time I could as a Kid playing this game, sad isnt it?
On a technical aspect, the game was considered really amazing for its day due to the uses of some Voice Acting in some cutscenes and during Gameplay. in 1991 such things as voice acting in games was unheard of.



Back Cover Link
Year of Release:1990
Ported to:DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64, Super NES, FM Towns
When did I get it: 1993ish?
Age I was at the time:6-7 years old
You can get it: Here
No movies of Gameplay, screenshots can be seen at the above links, or the mobygames link.
MobyGames Link
Wikipedia Link

This game is amazing. Considering this game is 17 years old now, its just amazing. The game is huge. The virtual world is massive, like MMO massive. Its insane. Its a very open ended game, the combat system, and game engine for an RPG is quite simple,  but the massiveness of the game will compensate for that. It also has a very good soundtrack.

I had alot of fun with it then, and I have I still do today whenever I play it. I remember doing sick things like placing a a powder keg at a bar and it killed everyone at the bar, and the towns people started running away from me. YOU CAN DO ALMOST ANYTHING IN THIS GAME. you can kill ANYTHING. I remember as kid killing children with a lighting bolt spell, that was funny. I did alot of crazy things in this game as kid, so I had a lot of fun in it. :D
I suggest you try  this game sometime.


tomorrow I will talk about my first online game!
27 November 2006 @ 12:35 pm
LOL its TK's birthday, He's 48 now... XD What a cute old man.
22 August 2006 @ 07:30 pm
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27 July 2006 @ 05:49 pm
Im writing this from Reno, NV on my laptop via wifi in the hotel room. I seem to be the only one on this trip enjoying Reno though. I love all the bright objects bells, and other things... The have a replica of a Siver Mine in this dome, its there because it belongs to the hotel "silver legacy". The 3 hotels nearby including the one im staying at are all interconnected. I also played slots, despite the fact that the gambling age here is 21...... stupid 21 shit.. If youre sneaky about you can play since age isnt strictly enforced... anyways... I won $5 from a $1 bet, and Wond $20 on a $10... im going to post some pictures after i get the SD card reader drivers set up.
16 July 2006 @ 05:57 am
YOYOYOYOYOYOYO Im writing this in Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista on me new HP dv200z laptop. I havent been having the greatest experiences with Vista..... I tried 64bit edition first and had driver problems with alot Devices. I couldnt get drivers to work.... one of the affected devices was My built in wifi card. So I decided to switch to the 32bit edition. Line of thinking was 64 bit OS needs 64bit drivers and the affected devices did not have 64bit drivers. However after installing the 32bit edition. The same problems occured. So I tried reinstalling the Wifi Drivers that originally meant for XP on my Laptop......... 57% into the installation the Program crashed mentioning "update 576".. So I decided to go into device manager and uninstall the unknown "network adapter". I then tried reinstalling the drivers and it screwed up again.... however the device is properly listed in Device Manager. However it was just earlier thatn drivers didnt install properly, in fact Vista itself said that it "Had trouble installing these Drivers" but yet it was listed in the device manager....... If people think Linux has device driver problems, vista os worse..... I never had problems that much with drivers in Linux... I had a few more driver problems with XP. So I then try Manually directing it to my wireless network. Still didnt work no matter what I tried... So randomly just an hour ago, when I turned on my laptop, wireless internet is working!!!!! What caused this, I really dont know. Also Vista gave me the "standard" interface because It didnt detect my Graphics card which is NVIDIA go 6150. Therfore I cannot use Hardware Acceleration, without acceleration I cannot use the fancy "aero" Interface.

Other than drivers, Vista's UI seems to emulate Mac OS X. For example in earlier windows Vista Betas, Vista did not differentiate between which window/app was the active one. however, that has changed... but it s not by any means glaringly obvious as it is in Windows XP. XP differentiates windows with a blue bar on the top.... Vista's windows however are all gray, the active window only slightly changes shades of gray when activated.....

I will Post screenshots of Vista later... especially if i get aero working.

UPDATE:----> IE7 Breaks AIM and all other IM clients, yahoo, icq, etc... how cute....
20 June 2006 @ 04:41 pm
"The professional-level Pro Tools|HD system uses expensive PCI cards to perform audio processing on DSP (digital signal processing) chips to reduce computing burden on the CPU. Similarly, it utilizes TDM (a proprietary interconnect, based on time-division multiplexing, hence the name) to communicate with external I/O devices and other DSP cards to reduce burden on the computer's PCI bus.
Pro Tools HD uses three types of PCI cards: Core, Process and Accel. All three contain 9 DSP chips. Each Pro Tools system requires a Core card. Additional Process or Accel cards may be added to a system to increase capability. Accel cards are the latest generation and offer faster DSP chips and additional RAM compared to Process cards" -------- WIkipedia entry on Protools.

Can some one tell me what the benefits are of buying the Protools HD pack? I SEE NONE WHATSOEVER. WTF do you need 3rd PCI DSP cards, each dedicated to a different process, for recording? This is only practical if you have over 32 Softsynths open... If you`re running hardware synths through, or other things, Youre not going to need that kind of power. Isnt it just more economical and more powerful to buy a High performance system with memory over 4gb if youre doing that much audio work? I think this is an attempt to confuse recording professionals with exaggerated info, and to exploit them because of their lack of computer knowledge. I also think its to create a monopoly so that protools can be the only application that can read these stupid HD cards. Stupid audiophiles at work yet again....... I hate audiophiles. they claim to hear the difference in things the human ear cant pick up... but thats another topic.

Anyways, Graham was over.. we took a look at this old telephone, cable, power line, or whatever it is, outside that is sagging downwards and looks like hell. When we were on the phone talking about it before he arrived it was funny..
Graham "I could cut the line down."
Me " You sure you could do that?"
G " yea, if no one claims responsibilty for it and as long as its not live."
Me "Wouldnt who ever owns it look for it when they want to take it down?"
G "No, just tell them some niggers in a black unmarked bucket truck came to cut it down and steal it."
Me ".........."
22 May 2006 @ 12:09 pm
--- The quoute below is from the hard to read text at the end of the TM Network promotional video special "in HUMAN SYSTEM". It was most likely written by TK some time in late 1987, as he was the one who dealt with the computer stuffs. His english isnt so bad in the first sentence, but it gets worse as it goes on... Not only that, but the whole thing doesn`t really make any sense.

"The combination of Computer and MIDI have or brought up a unqiue can be created only by TM NETWORK and not by anybody else. I realize however, computer should turn to be iilumination on stage unless mechanical connect data and humanbeing`s non-mechnical to give emotion inpoured(???) together. Its like zero or one, no or yes, and bad and good. I rather need 30 days to analyze a 120-minute informative data being in order and the things should be done by "BUS SYSTEM".

--- This is my interpretation of this TKglish. "The combination of computers and MIDI create a unique sound that only TM NETWORK can create. I realize that this combition can also be used for computer controlled lighting on stage.* However, computers lack emotion tha Humanbeing`s carry with them. The computer sees things only as zero or one, no or yes, and bad and good. I need a long time to analyze data, about 30 days, for a total 120-minutes of song data. For this to be accomplished the "BUS SYSTEM" should be used." --- i think thats along the lines of what he was trying to say.

*On stage you can use computers to control Lighting with MIDI signals. This creates an interesting effect as the lighting changes with the music, the technology has been around some time, but most artists really didnt implement it until computers became more powerful.
25 March 2006 @ 05:50 pm
Things are NOT ok, and it is confusing the hell out of me and has drained energy from me. :(
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